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Aucilla is a leading manufacturer of quality thermoplastic injection molded products. The organization’s knowledgeable team can effectively turn your product idea into reality with an on-time delivery approach, top-quality manufacturing equipment, and cost control. Our organization operates using full automation as part of our “lights out strategy,” and use a variety of plastic materials. Aucilla’s state-of-the-art technology includes full-service milling, injection molding, tool making (repair and maintenance).

  • 65,000 square feet of manufacturing
  • 22 injection molding presses and expanding
  • 38 to 200 tons of clamping pressure
  • 24/7 operations
  • Fully automated presses
  • Full and semi-automated assembly
  • Error-proofing systems
  • Kan-Ban inventory control system

Our company’s goal is to produce a quality plastic product, each and every time. Full automation and strict quality control reduces errors. We continue to “raise the bar” for the highest quality product attainable.        

Each customer is important to us.  For those customers who qualify, we offer the Kan-Ban inventory control system in order to accurately anticipate your company’s need, in a quick, efficient manner. Expect a swift delivery of your product within 10 days!

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